End of Semester

At the end of the semester there are several course clean-up activities to remove current work from the course to get it ready for next semester. Tasks include removing students and TAs from the course, collecting student work, and exporting the grade book. If you won’t be using the course again, you can archive the course and/or have it deleted.

Information on this page:

The chart below is meant to help you identify when you will be able to request Blackboard course sites for your course, and when the sites will be made available to students.

Term Course Creation Date
(Available to Instructors)
Course access dates for Students* Date students added to course
Spring 2017
Nov 14, 2016
Jan 23, 2017 –
Jun 22, 2017
Jan 17, 2017
Summer 2017 Mar 17, 2017
May 15, 2017 –
Sept 5, 2017
May 1, 2017
Fall 2017
Apr 27, 2017
Aug 20, 2017 –
Jan 11, 2018
Aug 15, 2017

* These are the default dates; you may choose to change them, see how.

Did you know that only users with the “instructor” role in Blackboard can remove students from a site?

If students are not removed from a Blackboard site, they will continue to receive announcements and have access to all course materials, discussion boards, and quizzes. Because some course content and materials should be limited to students enrolled in a course, we recommend that all students from the previous semester be removed from your Blackboard course site.


Collecting and Archiving Student Assignments

If you used the Assignments feature for homework submission, follow these steps to download all of the files:

  1. From the Control Panel, click Grade Center, and then Full Grade Center.
  2. Click on the downward chevron next to the assignment name, and select “Assignment File Download”.
  3. Select the students whose assignments you want to download (you can select all students by checking the box next to “Name”).
  4. Click Submit. All of the files submitted for that assignment will be packaged in a .zip file.
  5. Right-click on the “download assignments now” link and choose “Save Link As” or “Save Target As”.
  6. Save the file to your disk or hard drive.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for each assignment.


Exporting the Grade Center

If you used the Blackboard Grade Center for your students’ grades, follow these steps to save a copy of the Grade Center:

  1. From the Control Panel, select Grade Center, and then Full Grade Center.
  2. From the Download/Upload button at the top right, select Download
  3. Select the data that you want to download and click Submit.


Removing Users from Your Course: Only for courses without managed enrollment

NOTE: Managed Enrollment courses (those courses that were requested and created through Faculty Center) are not need users to be removed from the course.

If your course is not a managed enrollment course, removing users from your site is a good thing for you and your students! Do this before you allow the next round of students to enroll in the site. If new students get mixed together with the old ones, it will be difficult to sort things out. Removing users after each semester will also ensure that only current course sites appear on students’ My Blackboard page.

To remove all students from your site:

  1. From the Control Panel, under Course Options, click Bulk Delete.
  2. In section 2, “Select Other Materials to Delete”, check the box next to Users.
  3. In section 3, type the word “Delete” in the box, without the quotes.
  4. Click the Submit button.

Users with administrative access to your site (instructors, TAs, graders, and course builders) will NOT be removed.

Removing Specific Users

  1. From the Control Panel, under Users and Groups, select Users.
  2. Check the boxes next to the users who should be removed.
  3. Click the Remove Users from Course button.
  4. Click Yes when asked “This action is final and cannot be undone. Delete users?”


Exporting your course content

If you know you are probably not going to use your Blackboard course again, you can delete the course but you should first create an export file that you can save to your computer.

To export your course content:

  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. Click on Packages and Utilities, then click Export/Archive Course
  3. Click the Export Package button
  4. Select items you want to include in the export file
  5. Click Submit on the following page to begin the exporting process
  6. Once you see the receipt page, click on the link to download the exported course package file to your computer
  7. To have the course deleted, send an email request to acadtech@cornell.edu


Importing your course content

You may want to import content that you have exported from a previous Blackboard course into a new Blackboard course.  A course import package is a ZIP file of exported course content, called a course package. Importing a course package into an existing course copies the content of the package into the existing course. Course packages do not include user enrollments or records, such as discussion board posts and assessment attempts.

To import your course package (export file from a previous course):

  1. Go to the Control Panel of your new Blackboard course
  2. Click on Packages and Utilities, then click Import Package/View Logs
  3. Click the Import Package button
  4. Click Browse My Computer to find the course package on your computer – it will be a .ZIP file
  5. Select the course materials to include – clicking Select All will include all content included in the export file
  6. Click Submit


Recycling your course: Only for courses without managed enrollment

Recycling your course removes all students from your course (but not people with the roles of Teaching Assistants, Graders, Course Builders, and Instructors), and also removes the content that you select for removal.

Please note: content that is selected for removed is permanently removed from your Blackboard site. Make sure you keep a copy of the materials.

To recycle your course:

  1. In the Control Panel, click Packages and Utilities area, then click Bulk Delete
  2. To “Select Content Materials to Remove” check the materials to be removed
  3. In Step 3, type “Delete” (without the quotes) to complete this request
  4. Click Submit to remove the materials from your site


Deleting a course

If you’ll never want to use your Blackboard site again, and no one else in your department will use it either (next semester’s instructor or TA, for example), please write to us at acadtech@cornell.edu and ask us to delete it for you.  Please include the complete Course Name in your email.

If you personally are done using Blackboard, we can also remove you from our Blackboard email list and from the Blackboard system itself; just mention that in your email.

Additional suggestions for courses without managed enrollment

  • If you have older course sites on Blackboard you are not using this semester, please consider changing the course settings to make those courses “Unavailable” by going to the Control Panel > Customization > Properties
  • Disable Self Enrollment by going to the Control Panel > Enrollment Options and choosing Instructor / System Administrator
  • Disable guest access by going to the Control Panel > Customization > Guest and Observer Access



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