Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help make your Blackboard experience easier. Please email us at with your own tip suggestions.


  • Blackboard now has a way for you to navigate between the same module (e.g. content, Grade Center, etc.) in different courses. Click on the down arrow next to the home button in the top left of the screen.

  • You can have your courses listed by term in the My Courses list. To do this, click on the gear icon to the right of “My Courses” (note: you will need to hover your mouse over the My Courses line in order to see the icon.) Courses before Fall 2012 cannot be listed by term.

    You’ll see a check box giving you the option to group by term. After you check Group by Term, you’ll see a list of terms that you can rearrange.



      • If you have a large group of files to be brought in to Blackboard, you can upload them all at once: see Course Files. If you have several files compressed into a zip file, you can bring them into your Blackboard course either of two ways:
        • If you want to provide students with one link, to download zipped files in compressed form and unzip them on their computer,  use Upload Files from the Course Files area
        • If you want to upload a zip file but have Blackboard split it out into the individual files, so that students can look at them individually,  use Upload Package from the Course Files area.
      • If you have content to share that needs to be scanned or digitized, or if you’re not sure how to load it in to Blackboard, contact the Student Technology Assistants Program (STAP) at 607-255-9760 (Mon-Fri 9-5) or stop by 124 CCC.



      • Instructors can review several discussion board posts at once using the Collect feature, documented here.


Grade Center

    • Grade Center “Smart Views” allow instructors and TAs to choose to see only identified subsets of the Grade Center. For example, a large class can be broken up into smart views that only contain students for a specific section or lab. For information on setting up a Smart View, see the vendor documentation, or contact us at
    • Grade Center “Categories” allow instructors to assign categories to various activities and assignments throughout the Blackboard course. For example, one could assign the category of “assignment” to all written assignments that students submit on-line through the Blackboard course. One something has been assigned a category, one can: order the columns in the Grade Center by category and create a Calculated Column (Weighted) that calculates final grades based on category (ex. Assignments are worth 25% of the final grade, Tests are worth 35% of the final grade, etc.) … and then the Grade Center will calculate the final grade. For information on setting up Categories, see the vendor documentation, or contact us at


For immediate support:

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