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You are able to create a “Contacts” menu item where instructors can post information about themselves, teaching assistants, guest speakers, and others involved in the course. This includes campus and email addresses, office hours, pictures and personal web sites. You may also choose to provide a link to this information from the Information page.

To add a Contact Item

  1. In the Control Panel, click Course Tools and select Contacts.
  2. Click the Create Contact button.
  3. In the “Profile Information” section, fill the appropriate name and contact information.(optional) In the “Options” section, click the Browse button to locate a profile image.(also optional) In the Personal Link box, type the complete URL for the staff member’s personal or professional web page.Keep in mind that, in order for the link to work, you’ll need to enter the complete address–http:// and all.
  4. Click the Submit button.

In order for your students to see the Contact Information, you need to add it either as an item in your course menu or as a link from a content page (for example, the Information page).

To add Contacts as a course menu item:

  1. Click the + icon at the top of the course menu, then select Tool Link.
  2. Give your menu item a name – for example, “Contacts” or “Staff Information”.
  3. Select Contacts from the Type pull down menu.
  4. Check the Available to Users box so that your students can see the information.
  5. Click Submit.


To add Contacts as a link from a content page (e.g. Information):

  1. From the content page, select Tools.
  2. Click More Tools, and then Contacts.
  3. Provide some text to describe to students what they will find on the Contacts page.
  4. Click Submit.



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