Assignment Grading Options

Anonymous Grading

If you need to add a layer of fairness and impartiality to your grading, you can use the anonymous grading feature. Without knowing who submitted an assignment, you are not unduly influenced by a student’s previous performance, class participation, conflicts, race, gender, or perceived student aptitude. On the Create Assignment page, you can choose to hide student names when viewing and grading submissions. Students are alerted to the anonymous grading setting on the Upload Assignment page.

Anonymous Grading

Click to expand the “Grading Options” section, select the Enable Anonymous Grading check box and choose when you want to automatically remove students’ anonymity:

    1. On specific date – Provide the date you want to disable anonymous grading. The system will automatically begin removing anonymity before the end of that date.

Disable Anonymous Grading

  1. After all submissions are graded –  This options requires that a Due Date be set for the assignment. When this option is selected the following conditions have to be met before student anonymity is disabled:
    • the due date passes AND
    • attempts have been graded

Anonymously graded columns are not included in calculations or actions while students’ identifying information is hidden. This prevents a grader from deducing the identity of a student before all grades are assigned.

  • Anonymously graded assignment scores are not used in calculated columns until anonymity is disabled.
  • Anonymously graded assignments do not display in Grade Center reports until anonymity is disabled.
  • When downloading Grade Center data, anonymously graded assignment columns are not available for selection.

Delegated Grading

This option can be used to assign specific TA’s or Graders in your course to grade particular sets of student submissions.

After you select the check box to enable delegated grading, you can view a list of all potential graders. Instructors will always be allowed to view all students’ grades, feedback, and notes. This permission is by default disabled for users with the role of Graders or Teaching Assistants for example. Instructor can enable this option for some users.

Delegated Grading

To designate grades for specific groups of students, use the drop-down list next to each grader’s name to assign submissions to grade. There are four available options:

Submissions to grade

  • All Submissions – the user would be able to grade any student
  • Random Set – the user can grade a random set of the selected number of students. If you assign multiple graders to grade a random set, students are distributed evenly before any student is included in multiple random sets.
  • Groups – the user can grade all students who are part of the selected course groups.
  • None

When all graders have assigned grades, the instructor can view all grades and feedback on the Reconcile Grade page and determines the final grade for each student.


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