Blackboard Basics

Things to know before setting up your first course in Blackboard:

There are 4 steps to setting up a basic Blackboard course:

  1. Create your course site, if it hasn’t already been created
  2. Add your course content (syllabus, readings, etc.) to your site
  3. Make your course available to students
  4. Create announcements

Remember: In order to make changes to a course, you need to set Edit Mode to On (in the top right of your course). 


Blackboard uses these icons throughout the application:

Arrows (facing down or to the right) indicate that there are menu options available when you click on them
  The empty square will appear next to a content area name in the Course Menu if there is no content in the content area
  The empty square with a slash will appear next to an item in the Course Menu if that item has been made unavailable to students. You can make the item available by clicking on the arrow on the course menu item and selecting “show link”
  Found at the top right of lists of items – for example, a list of items in a Content area – clicking the 2-arrow icon allows you to reorder items without scrolling through several pages of data


Navigation Tips

  • If you have access to more than one course in Blackboard, you can navigate between them by using the course navigation shortcut in the top left of the course screen:
  • To navigate to different areas within a course, you can use the breadcrumbs found at the top of the page:

This Blackboard Basics area contains information on the following topics:

Things that are very important to know:
Things that you may also find useful:

Instructor documentation from Blackboard Inc. is available here: Getting Started.


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