Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing tool available within a Blackboard course. Blackboard Collaborate lets share files, applications, and use a virtual whiteboard to interact real time with your participants.

General Functionality

General Functionality Teaching & Learning Group Collaboration Office Hours
High definition video & audio conference
Smaller lecture style instruction (up to 50 participants)
Project based learning
One-on-ones (advising, interviews, etc.)
Application and screen sharing Upload content (server based conversions)
On-the-fly moderation
Provide student support
Chromebook access
Lightweight interactions (group chat, Q&A)
Drop ins
Mobile friendly MP4 session recording & playback
Need for content sharing / annotation
Live closed captioning

Blackboard Collaborate Key Benefits:

Simple, Convenient and Java Free – Moving Collaborate away from Java dependency results in simple deployment and convenient access all from the browser with nothing to install.

High Quality – Rich audio and high quality video for a more personal, engaging experience. Faster, sharper application sharing leveraging standards based WebRTC technology. A new foundation for rapid, sustained growth.

Modern, Redesigned User Experience – Focused on education and deeply integrated with Blackboard Learn redesigned for simplicity, accessibility, and supporting academic workflows.

Requirements for Use:

Browser support

Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience is based on modern web technologies including HTML 5 and WebRTC. You don’t need to install Java or a launcher.

For best experience and for application sharing, use Google ChromeTM.

Using Blackboard Collaborate:

Sharing content – Upload content, including PowerPoint presentations, share a whiteboard or application (available with Chrome browser only).

Edit shared content – Use tools to edit content while sharing whiteboard or file.

Adding a profile picture – Upload any image to use a profile picture for every session.

Using Available Tools – Learn how to use the tools available to you during a session.

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Scheduling a session – Connect with one or all of your students any time you want by using a room available in each of your courses. The course room lasts for the life of the course. Also see Managing Sessions and Recordings

Breakout Groups – Breakout groups have their own private audio, video, whiteboard, application sharing, and chat. Any collaboration that takes place in a group is independent of the main class room (and other groups).

Polling – You can select to give participants yes/no, two, three, four, or five response questions to choose from.

Troubleshooting Tips:

If images are not displaying correctly or menus are not working correctly, it can be the cause of cache build up in your browser. Clearing the browser cache when using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a good troubleshooting step. Below are links on how to clear the cache for the browsers.



Internet Explorer:


After you cleared the browser cache, close the browser and then relaunch it. Once the new browser window is open go back into the Ultra session.


For immediate support:

607 255 9760 (M-F, 9a - 5p ET)

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