Courses and Graded Work Retention

Graded Work

To comply with the Retention of University Records Policy (4.7), all student enrollments and student graded work will be removed one year after completion of the course. If some work must be retained past one year for accreditation purposes, please consult your college registrar for appropriate ways to store this data.

Course Deletion

Courses will be retained for up to 750 days. Prior to any course deletion, communication will be sent to instructors and their administrative staff. Instructors can export all course content and save a zip file to their computer.  Click here to view instructions on how to export course content for off-line storage.

Any content that has already been copied to a later course will not be affected.

Here is a schedule for course deletions:

Term Created Course Deletion Date
Fall 2012
February 2015
Spring 2013 August 2015
Fall 2013
February 2016
Spring 2014
August 2016
Fall 2014
February 2017
Spring 2015
August 2017

Example 1:

If you have a course that you teach every Fall semester and you have copied course content for each new semester, you may have the following instances of the same course on Blackboard: Fall 2012, Fall 2013, Fall 2014.

Only one of the three courses will be removed in February 2015, that would the oldest one – Fall 2012. You will retain two newer courses, Fall 2013 and Fall 2014.

Example 2:

If you teach a course every other year and you copied content to the newer course, you may have the following instances of the same course on Blackboard: Fall 2012, Fall 2014.

The Fall 2012 course will be deleted in February 2015. You will retain one newer course site for Fall 2014.


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