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About Groups

An instructor or TA in Blackboard may choose to use the Blackboard Groups feature. Groups can be set up in multiple ways:

  • you may manually assign users to groups
  • you may allow students to self-enroll into groups
  • you may allow Blackboard to divide students into groups.

You may choose to set up a single group or use Group Sets. With Group Sets, you identify the group properties, and then Blackboard will create a set of identical groups with those properties.

Instructions for creating groups can be found on the Blackboard Help site.

At any time, you can see which students are assigned to a group by clicking on the group name.

Adding Students to Groups

If you have created Self-Enroll groups, students may enroll in a group by clicking on the down-arrow next to the group name and selecting “Enroll”.

If you have created a Manual Enroll group, you can add students to the group by doing the following:

  1. Click the down arrow next to the group name and select Edit
  2. Under “Membership”, click on the names of the students that you want to include in the group, and then click the right arrow so that the students name appear in the box on the right
    Assign Students to Groups
  3. Click Submit.

Group Tools

Within a group, students may have access to the tools you specify, including:

Assignments, blogs, journals, wikis, and the discussion board can be assigned and graded at the group level.

Student Access to the Group Area

Students are able to access the group area from the course Home Page, directly below the Course Menu:

Import and Export Groups

You can import a CSV (comma-separated value) file to create groups and add members to groups. You can also Export a file containing your existing groups and group members.

On the Import Groups page, you can also select the group tools you want each group to have access to. Previous tool availability settings are overwritten. On the Export Groups and Members page, make a selection for what you want to export – Groups, Group members, or Groups and group members.

  1. Select Groups from the Users and Groups section in the Control Panel.
  2. Click the Import link in the Action Bar. Group Options
  3. To create new groups, use Import Groups section and click “Browser My Computer” to upload a CSV file (see file format).
  4. To add members to existing groups, use Import Group Members section and upload CSV file (see file format).
  5. In the Tool Availability Section, select any tool you would want students in the group to use.


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