Access to Cornell’s tutorial system:

From the official Cornell page:

Cornell faculty, students, and staff have free, unlimited access to’s online library of high-quality videos on the latest software tools and skills. 2,500 high quality, detailed online training courses for people at all experience levels are available. 

You can watch entire courses or single tutorial videos as you need them, and even access the library 24/7 from your iPhone, iPad, Android, or other mobile phone or tablet. Exercise files let you follow along with the instruction as you learn, and bookmarks help you keep track of what you’d like to watch.

To add a link to a tutorial for your Blackboard site:

  1. First, you must enable the tool in your course by clicking on Customization under the Control Panel heading and choosing Tool Availability
  2. Scroll down to Course and click the check box under the Available in Content Area column
  3. Scroll to the top of the page and click the Submit button
  4. Go to a content area in your Blackboard course, such as Content or Course Info
  5. Move your cursor over Build Content and click on Course
  6. You can then search the library for a specific course
  7. When you find the course that you want to link to, click the Add button
    For example:
    NOTE: has not provided a navigation back to the main listing or search page.  If the item that you found is not the proper course, still click the Add button and at the next screen, click the Cancel button to return to the main listing and Search page
  8. After selecting the course that you want, click the Save button


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