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PeerMark allows students to review (but not grade) each others’ work. Reviewers are able to optionally anonymously add markup and comments directly to the submitted assignment, and to answer scaled and free-form questions posed by the instructor.

PeerMark differs from the Blackboard Self and Peer Assessment tool in that the peer reviewers do not assign points to the submitted assignment.

There are three distinct phases to a PeerMark exercise:

  1. Students submit a “base assignment” to Turnitin which has a hard deadline. The base assignment is a standard Turnitin assignment; the use of the plagiarism detection “Originality Reporting” is optional.
  2. After the assignment submission phase is complete, the peer review phase begins. In this phase, submitted assignments are randomly distributed to other students in the course; the evaluators use PeerMark to write evaluations of the submissions that they have been assigned.
  3. The instructor may elect to have a “revision assignment” phase, where students submit their original paper with changes that they have made as a result of the peer reviews.

Instructors have the opportunity to see which submissions have been assigned to whom, and are able to view and download individual submissions and evaluations.

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