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The Performance Dashboard allows you to see a cross-section of users’ involvement in a Blackboard course. Information for all types of users is available, along with pertinent information about each user’s activity in the course.

To find the Performance Dashboard, select Evaluation from the Control Panel, and then select Performance Dashboard.

Performance Dashboard menu

Information available via the Performance Dashboard includes:

  • Last Course Access: The date and time when the user last accessed the course.
  • Days Since Last Course Access: The number of days that has elapsed since the last time the user accessed the course.
  • Review Status: Displays how many items have been reviewed.
  • Adaptive Release: Displayed only if the Adaptive Release tool is enabled in the course, clicking on the icon opens a new window showing a directory tree overview of the entire course relative to the user, and the access status.
  • Discussion Board: Displayed only if the Discussion Board tool is enabled in the course, this column lists the number of Discussion Board comments created by this user. Clicking a number link opens the Discussion Board page listing all of the selected user’s Discussion Board comments in the course.
  • Customize Retention Center: Displayed if the Retention Center tool is enabled in the course, this column shows the number of triggered rules and the number of total rules that may trigger a warning. For example, 2/6 would mean the user has triggered two rules out of six total. Clicking on the data in this column will display a page showing the Retention Center status for the user. The Early Warning System column will only display if the tool is turned on in the course.
  • View Grades: Displayed only if the Grade Center is enabled, this column provides direct links to the full Grade Center.


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