Blackboard Profile tool allows users to create a professional profile that they can share with others at Cornell. Users can also keep their profile through their academic and professional life. If they enroll at a different institution or join the workforce, they can maintain academic relationships and networks using the same profile.

This section covers the following:

  • Creating Your Profile
  • Privacy Settings
  • Adding Profile Avatar
  • Profile Tiles
  • People Tool
  • Terms of Service Agreement
  • Best Practice: Protecting your Reputation and Identity Online


Create Your Profile

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To create your Blackboard profile users need to complete following steps:

  • Accept the terms of service agreement.
  • Create or update your profile information.
  • Add tiles to your cover page (optional)
  • Add your competencies (optional)
  1. Click on the arrow next to your name at the top right, click on the avatar icon to start creating your profile
  2. You will be prompted to indicate if you already have a MyEdu account, if you don’t, select the option “I Don’t Have a MyEdu Account”
  3. For new accounts provide the following information:
    • First and Last name
    • The institution you are attending
      • IMPORTANT: Professors or staff should select “I am employed” option in the pull down menu
    • The degree and major or concentration you are taking
    • Your graduation year
    • Your email address


Privacy Settings

Set who can see your profile and what they see. At this time, Cornell users have only the option to share their profile with other users at the same institution.

  • Hidden: If you select this option, no users can find and view you on the People page. Your name and avatar appear throughout your courses, but users cannot view a preview of your profile from there.
  • My Institution: If you select this option, anyone at your institution can find and view you on the People page. They do not have to be enrolled in the same course or organization as you. Your name and avatar appear throughout your courses, and users can view a preview of your profile from there.

Adding Profile Avatar

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You can upload an image of yourself to your profile or change your existing profile image. Images must be less than 5 megabytes in size and at least 50 x 50 pixels in dimension. Acceptable file formats include GIF, PNG, JPG, and JPEG.

Follow the steps on the page you see.

  1. Click the arrow next to your name in the page header to access the global navigation menu.
  2. Click the empty profile image or your existing image to access your profile.
  3. On the profiles page, click the Settings & Privacy link.
  4. The Settings & Privacy section appears in the right panel. Click Change Picture to upload an image from your computer.
  5. Click Save.


Profile Tiles and Settings

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On your user profile cover page, each tile represents information you want to include in your story. You can add tiles from the Tile Library located below your tile collection.

People Tool

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The People tool is a single location where you can find and connect with others. These connections can be made through existing connections, such as a course you are enrolled in or through new connections you decide to make.

To access the tool Click the Global Navigation menu next to your name at the top right.

people tool  Next, click the People icon. The People page allows you to view other users at Cornell and in your courses who have setup their user profiles.



Terms of Service Agreement

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If prompted, users must accept the Blackboard Profile Terms of Service before they can access any of the Cloud Profiles and Social features for the first time. These features include Edit Profile, View Profile (your own or another user’s) or People. The terms of service contract is between you and Blackboard.

Best Practice

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Consider anything you post on a social network, to be permanent and public. Even if your social networking site profile is not “public,” anyone that you allow to view your profile can copy, save, and post that information or photo anywhere without your approval.


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