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Pearson’s MyLab and Mastering

This publisher integration has been approved and complies with University policies and security requirements.

Instructors can provide direct links to MyLab and Mastering for their students and can transfer student grades back into the Blackboard Learn Grade Center. Instructors need to enable the tool in order to add links to the publisher’s content in the course.

  1. In the Control Panel, select Customization > Tool Availability
  2. Click the checkbox to enable Pearson’s MyLabs & Mastering (Content)
  3. Click the checkbox to enable Pearson’s MyLabs & Mastering (Tools)Pearson's tools
  4. Click Submit


Instructor and Student Access

Instructors and students will have access to Pearson MyLab/Mastering resources from within the Tools area of their courses.

Users whose accounts are not associated with their Pearson account will be prompted to associate them upon accessing any Pearson MyLab/Mastering component in their Blackboard course. They will need to follow instructions provided by Pearson MyLab/Mastering to associate their Blackboard and Pearson MyLab/Mastering accounts. Instructors will be able to associate their Blackboard course with a Pearson MyLab/Mastering course.

There will be some default support tools available to users even if their accounts/course is not associated with Pearson MyLab/Mastering. Upon association additional tools will be made available to users based on their roles.

Instructors will have the ability to set up Pearson MyLab/Mastering components in their Blackboard course content area. They will also have the ability to upload Pearson MyLab/Mastering grades into Bb using the gradebook file export feature in the Pearson products for all associated students. For Pearson MyLab/Mastering columns uploaded into the Grade Center, students can view the grade information in Blackboard from the My Grades view in the tools page.


Instructions and support for educators :

Instructions and support for students:

All publisher integrations through Blackboard require approval to assure compliance with University policies and laws, e.g. FERPA law.



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