Sharing media within a course

Once a media file resides in your My Media, it can be moved into a course and shared with the other instructors, TAs, and course staff so they may use it within that course.

Media Gallery

Each Blackboard course has a section called Media Gallery that is found under the left side navigation under Control Panel > Course Tools:


Selecting this link opens the Media Gallery.


Placing a media file in the Media Gallery allows others (non-students) to place it in the course.


Adding a media file to the Media Gallery

  1. Go to the Media Gallery
  2. Click the blue +Add Media button in the upper right. This takes you to your My Media files.
  3. Click the check box next to the media file you would like to contributeselectMyMedia
  4. Scroll back to the top (if needed) and click the blue +Publish button. The file will now be available for use in the course.

Using a Media Gallery clip in the course

Placing a clip that resides in the Media Gallery into the course is similar to placing a new media file.

  1. Navigate to the location in the course where you would like to place the media file.
  2. Choose Tools and then Kaltura Media. This take you to your My Media.f1
  3. At the top, select Media Gallery. This will display the files in this course’s Media Gallery, both your files and the files contributed by others.placeMediaGallery
  4. Click the blue Select button to the right of the media you’d like to place.
  5. The Blackboard content screen appears. Enter Title, description, and display options, and click Submit.f7

The media file is now placed in a new location in the course.


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