Help for Students

7 Things to Know About Blackboard

How to (for Students)

Access to Blackboard

Enrolled students who have received a NetID are automatically added to Blackboard, and should be able to log in to If you are an enrolled student but you are not able to log in, please contact

Students who do not have a Cornell NetID will need to obtain a Cornell Blackboard Guest account. See the Guest account for Blackboard request form. One of the required fields on the form, “Purpose”, should contain the name or ID of the Blackboard course that the user(s) need access to.

Help for Students in Blackboard

There are a number of videos for students available here, as well as online documentation here.

In addition to the resources listed above, there is a course within Blackboard named “Student Help” that contains information about Blackboard basics, communication and collaboration tools, assignments and grades, and tests. This course can be accessed by anyone who is able to log in to Blackboard. Students will see a link to this course from their Blackboard Students page.

Some common student questions include:

Additional answers can be found in the student section of the Cornell Blackboard FAQ page.