Turnitin Assignments (NEW!)

Turnitin has made some updates that will make grading, navigating between papers, and providing comments simpler and more intuitive by combining the application’s various functions (Grading, Feedback/Commentary, and Similarity Checking) in a single view!

The new “Feedback Studio” will appear as a separate window for greater ease in navigating between student submissions, while incorporating an easy-to-use toolbar with buttons for highlighting, providing feedback, and making comments.  (For more info, see “Feedback Studio for Instructors” as well as the materials below.)


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Info on the Turnitin app for iPad (Note: the new Feedback Studio for iPad cannot yet be integrated with our Blackboard Learning Management System, but you may continue using the “Classic” interface)

  • Click here for instructions and follow instructions for LMS (Blackboard) Integration Users
  • Click here to get the app

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Trouble submitting a file to a Turnitin assignment: Click here.
  2. Originality Report not showing up after resubmission (the 24hr delay): Click here.
  3. Cannot see grades: Click here.


  1. How can I allow resubmissions for an assignment? Click here.
  2. Why didn’t the Originality Report find a source I think it should match to? Click here.
  3. How can I remove matches from the Originality Report? (How to get a 100% match to go away)? Click here.
  4. Why do I have to wait 24 hours to view an Originality Report after a student resubmits? Click here.

Although Turnitin is usually used for plagiarism detection, instructors who use Turnitin have the option of not using the plagiarism detection (“originality checking”) features, and may choose to use Turnitin Assignments in order to have access to the Rubric, GradeMark and PeerMark tools.

Additional things to know about using Turnitin:

  • When creating a Turnitin assignment: on the page where you enter the assignment title, it’s important to click on the Optional Settings link below the box where you enter the title, point value, etc. The Optional Settings box is where you enter instructions for the assignment and where you select options for allowing submissions after the due date, generating Originality Reports, attaching rubrics, and more.
  • We recommend that you allow submissions after the due date. That way, if there is a problem with the Turnitin site when the assignments are due, students still have the opportunity to submit. Late submissions will be marked as such, so they will be easy to identify.
  • We also recommend that you give students the opportunity to view the Originality Reports for their assignments. Some instructors may choose to allow the students to submit their work multiple times before the deadline. If you do this, please note that you need to set the “Generate Originality Reports” option to “immediately (can overwrite reports until due date)”; otherwise, students will receive a 100% match on their Originality Report, because it will check previous versions submitted by the student.
  • If you use the Originality Report feature, it is recommended that you provide advance notice to students. More information is available here.
  • Students who are enrolled in your Blackboard course will not be listed in the Turnitin Assignments area until they have submitted their first assignment. To immediately update your view to show all of the students in the course, click the Roster Sync button that appears in the blue toolbar above the list of students.
  • If you’re contacted with request for original paper by other instructors,  you are under no obligation to send the paper to them – if you do, use the text included in the request email sent from the Turnitin system. Make sure the student’s name does not appear anywhere in the paper’s title or text to respect the privacy of your student prior to sending. DO NOT send the original document uploaded by a student.


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