Creating Tutorials in Blackboard

 Vendor Documentation: Learning Modules (Scroll down to “About Learning Modules”)

Move beyond the basics of posting readings and eLectures into Blackboard and incorporate more interactive “tutorial” lessons for your learners to engage with using  Blackboard’s native Learning Module tool. Your learners can have a deeper learning experience when they can engage with the electronic material more (ie. videos, simulations, self-check questions, and other activities that move beyond just reading).

Blackboard’s Learning Module Tool

Blackboard’s Learning Module Tool allows instructors to organize related course materials into a package with a Table of Contents. All types of content, including items, assignments, and tests can be included in a learning module.

Instructors can set a learning module up so that material is viewed in a specific order (sequentially), or in any order (non-sequentially).

Instructions for building a learning module can be found from the links at the top of this page.


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