Working with Video

The information on this page pertains to recording a webcam video, and uploading and reusing audio and video.

If you have a recording that needs to be digitized – i.e., that needs to be loaded on to a computer – visit to find out about our digitization services. These services are available at no cost to faculty and academic staff in support of a course.

Video recording services for teaching and research are available. See or email for more information.

You can upload audio or video, or record video from your webcam straight into your course, by using the Kaltura plugin in Blackboard.

Important Note Regarding Ownership of Media: It is important to realize that Kaltura media is owned by one person and not the course. Ownership rights allow you to edit, delete, and reuse content. Therefore if your TA uploads media into the course, s/he is the sole owner, and you will have limited access to the materials. We can transfer ownership to an instructor and recommend that this be done to avoid problems. Please contact us at to arrange for this.


It helps to have an idea of how Kaltura works to store and serve audio and video.

When you upload a media file, it goes into your personal collection call My Media. You can then put files contained in your My Media collection into courses. This has several implications:

  • a file in My Media can be used in several courses. The media isn’t uploaded into each course, the different courses that use it will link to and use the same file.
  • If you change or delete a file in My Media, all the courses linking to this file will be affected. If you delete the file, the link in the course will remain but it will not work, and students will get a “media unavailable” error message.
  • removing a link in a course does not delete the file from your My Media.
  • you can put a link to a media file directly into a course, and/or you can share it to the course’s Media Gallery. The Media Gallery is useful when you want to make the file available for others to use in the course. Course Builders, TAs, and other Instructors can then place your file in different locations in the course. You can also give them the ability to edit the file. This is very useful if a TA is involved in uploading media–the TA can upload the file, and the Instructor can place it in the course.

Uploading Recorded Video

The Kaltura media upload tool is available in any content editor:

In any content area choose Tools and then Kaltura Media.


The Kaltura Media tool allows you to:

to your Blackboard site. Follow the screenshots below for directions.


To record from your webcam

Choose Add New from the upper right hand side of the window, then, Webcam Recording.


A popup will ask you to allow the use of your webcam–allow it. (Note: your browser must support Flash)

Click on the video screen to start recording.


When finished, Name your video and click the Save button at the bottom of the screen. Now proceed to the section on Reusing Content.



To upload new media:

Choose Add New from the upper right hand side of the window, then, Media Upload.


Browse your computer and select the clip you would like to upload.


Enter Title, and optional Description and Tags, then select Save


Click Back to Browse and Embed and you’ll see the video you just uploaded is at the top of the list. Continue on to the next step.

 To reuse content you have previously uploaded (even into another course!)

At this point your media has been uploaded, and you’re going to place it in your course. Select the video you’d like to add from the list by clicking the blue Select button. If you have just recorded or uploaded a new video, it will be first in the list.


The Blackboard content screen appears. Enter Title, description, and display options, and click Submit.


You’re done! Students will see the link in the content area, and the video will pop up in a new window when they click on it.


TIP: Be safe! Don’t forget to check that your material is free from Copyright restrictions.


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